What can our agency offer you as a Real Estate professional?

Our central in the local market of Port Grimaud is well known by the professionals in the Bay of St Tropez and the Var Region.

Our knowledges about the French tax system and legal in real estate, allow us to offer you all the services and professionals advices from the step of negotiation to the transfer and the instruction of your buying or selling transaction.

Our expertise and our know-how will give you the opportunity to free yourself from any mandatory administrative or legal and tasks during the process.

Serenely, you will sell your property and especially will yield to its fair value thanks to our handling and our expert skills in counselling.

Specialized advices are a part of our expertise. You will win in Capital Gain.

Above all, you will save a lot of your time and energy since we take care of everything and are the relay in all the administrative procedure.


 1) To get a real and adjusted price of your Home

After a long time being the owner of your property, the re-sale of your house or apartment needs to be re-valued.

A proper valuation will be developed with our real estate expertise.

We consider the capital gain based on the initial price of your acquisition, exterior and interior work that you’ve done, but also the real estate price in the current market and its fluctuations. The real value of your property will be considered with all of these characteristic (general condition, location…).

The real estate agent has access to the history of the past 30 years in the property life, and its last real sale prices; not only the prices published on the announcement.

With all of these archives and documents, the real estate agent can provide quality expertise.

Proportionately, the higher is the price of your home, the higher is the commission of the agent. The objective is to evaluate your property in a fair way, without over-cost or undervaluation because its fair re-sale could be longer and less interesting.


2)  To benefit from personalized and professional services

Entrusting the sale of your property to several real estate agents, with a sole-agency mandate, does not increase the number of potential buyers and does not guarantee the effectiveness of the sale. It can give the impression that your property does not sell or that must be sold quickly.

The number of speakers does not necessarily ensure a consistent management and therefore the achievement of your objectives.

If you sign an exclusive mandate, the visibility of your property is controlled and ensured by our agency on all the channels of communication. New Place real estate agents – Annie and Virgile – master all the stages of the negotiation, the instruction and the transfer of real estate.

Real estate consulting is an integral part of our offer, and included services on any real estate transaction.

The creation, writing, publication and dissemination of your ad is also supported by us. We prepare the visibility of your home optimally.

360 ° professional photos in high definition, video editing, coordination of visits, accompaniment and guided tour of the premises, technical explanations, etc.


3) To benefit of a visibility of 360°

To spread your sales ad more widely, New Place uses multiple channels of communication.

You benefit from the referencing of your property on our website as well as on the pages of our social networks as well as other specialized sites dedicated to real estate professionals.

Your ad will be present on the web and your property for sale will be visible to potential buyers for free.

You will not have to sort through all these different valid sites or not. The targeting of the referencing of your ad made by us will be effective and sustainable.

In addition, you will benefit of our 2 agency windows in our 2 agencies in Port Grimaud!

Flyers and magazines will be available and distributed in your neighborhood to provide a continuous reminder of your property for sale.

Also, the agency will make you benefit from its network and file sharing system between real estate professionals.

While staying in touch with a single interlocutor to gain organization and efficiency your ad will be disseminated by several agencies, and therefore visible to many other potential buyers.


4) To manage contacts and your future buyers

We are here to manage appointments with future buyers and other stakeholders. We are here to take over in all the tasks and obligations of the stages of the sale.

Selling your home requires a lot of availability.

If you do not want to play the relay between the different phases of the transaction, we are here to devote ourselves entirely to it: between the call and visit phase of the future buyers.

Most often at distance, the owners prefer to use our real estate agency. You can also find the testimonials of our customers via the tab of our website “They trust us“.

By choosing a professional, you will not have to spend your time and make yourself available. This is our job! In addition, you will escape all the difficulties of negotiation, often long and complex.

The role of a real estate agent is to meet, understand, solve, manage and answer to the expectations of buyers but also owners by communicating offers and satisfactory services.


5) To ensure a safe transaction

In order to sell well, mandatory technical surveys must be provided.

The conditions of sale must be controlled and the price defined precisely; the mandatory information must be put forward; the withdrawal periods must be quoted; the art of negotiation must be mastered … These are all complex points.

The shoulders of a real estate agent is a strong support throughout the sales process. Also, the guarantee to respect the law on real estate transactions and not to put yourself in a bad position legally.

Our expert advices in real estate expertise will therefore avoid to the old and future purchasers any conflicts of a legal nature.

The organization and management of the essential steps related to the good transmission of the property is not easy. In fact, entrusting the sale of your home to our agency will permit yourself to acquire time and then achieve your goal serenely and efficiently.

The sale of real estate is a key step charged with emotions in a life. And we try to respond as professionally as possible to the expectations of our international clients.