Since January 1, 2023, all owners (individuals and legal persons) of a property built for residential use are affected by a new reporting obligation to the tax authorities.

This declaration consists of listing the occupation of the accommodation on January 1, 2023 of which you are the owner (joint owners, usufructuaries, SCI, etc.), and that whatever the use (main residence, vacation home or rental accommodation).

Why this new obligation?

The objective of this obligation is to determine precisely the owners still liable for the housing tax (secondary residence, rental accommodation) or the tax on vacant housing, since the housing tax was abolished on main residences from of 2023.

What information should you give?

For each property you own, you will have to “Make the declaration of occupation” specifying, if the situation has changed since January 1st according to the information held by the tax authorities:

  • The terms of occupation of the premises (personally, by third parties)
  • The nature of the occupation (main or secondary residence, premises rented or occupied free of charge or vacant)
  • The identity of the occupants (natural person: last name, first name / legal person: name, SIREN)
  • The period of occupation (or vacancy) of the premises you own
  • The monthly rent excluding charges (optional)

How and when to make this declaration?

This new reporting obligation is carried out in your online space (“Property properties” tab)

You have until June 30, 2023 included to complete this process.

Any omission or misrepresentation will lead to a fine of €150 per property.


For more information:

To make your declaration: