Port Grimaud, a unique address

At the heart of the Saint Tropez Golf, at the bottom of the historic village of Grimaud, there is the lacustrine city- state of Port Grimaud which tempts a thousand visitors each year along its canals. International residents, who are sailing lovers, meet here again each year.

Registered since 2001 in the XXth century Heritage label, Port Grimaud saw the light of day in the sixties thanks to the visionary architect François Spoerry. This coastal village accomodates around 2500 housings and more than 2000 moorings. With a typical Provençal charm, Port Grimaud is composed of squares and back alleys where small apartment blocks and houses with colored facades sited on top of Roman tiles are standing. These dwellings bare the names of Pêcheur, Ostale, Balandrine, Bungalow or Cassine.

Port Grimaud holds no secret for Virgile Dolla who lives there year-around and manages New Place Real Estate. « Our market is in a great dynamic. Prices are stable, our sales volume turn out to be more important than last year and substantial budgets - beyond a million euros - are back after a wait-and-see period due to the Brexit and the French Presidential Election's results analysis. We clearly note a confidence return of our international clientele who demonstrates a firm will to realize its projects" explains Virgile Dolla. « English people want to secure their capital on a durable market which allows them a personal usage of their property dictated by the pleasure. German people aim for an effective property acquisition, Swiss people still benefit from a favourable exchange rate by buying in France, while Belgians and Dutch people keep their presence on this sector in an uninterrupted way." Usually endow with budgets fluctuating between €500.000 and 1.5 million euros, even beyond, foreigners aim for houses with mooring, while French clientele, still here, is endowed with lower budgets. With a large selection of properties, New Place Real Estate's portfolio is composed of just as a €140.000 studio apartment as double houses between 2.5 million and 3.5 million euros.

This observation is shared by Elisabeth Morice (Logi Service), a real estate agency based in Port Grimaud since 50 years. « Our offer is composed of a large property portfolio from a small apartment at €200.000 to a master house at the cost of €4.350.000 for the most prestigious units". Her clientele is composed of foreigners - including German people who are back on the market - as well as a lot of French people. Among her properties currently in her portfolio, she cites a "Pêcheur" house entirely renovated with a 14sqm mooring at €1.290.000, and a double house situated in a residential area with a 12sqm mooring, this one is displayed at €1.950.000. « We benefit from a large portfolio of rentals properties, purchasers of houses or apartments as secondary residences leave us their property management on a long or short term. Since the agency creation, we have developped an expertise in the subject. Indeed these solution allows us to amortize all or a part of the charges which are, owing to the services offered by the lacustrine lake-city (maintenance, security,...), substantial." 

Source: Maisons & Appartements 

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