Digital housing book: all you need to know

PRACTICAL SHEET. The digital housing book of maintenance and tracking was introduced by the Law of energy transition for the Green growth of August 2015. When will it be mandatory? What will it contain? What is its purpose? Answers.

The digital housing book of tracking and maintenance (also called “housing health record”) is a device introduced by the Law of energy transition for the Green Growth of August 2015. This book is already mandatory for new housing of which the building permit was submitted after January 1st, 2017. It will be mandatory for all housings that are transferred from January, 1st 2025.

The original idea grew out of a green building plan report dated 2014.

What is its purpose?

The objective of the digital housing book of tracking and maintenance is to provide to households the necessary information for the proper use and maintenance of their housing, in order to help them in their renovation. The digital book should play an active role in the value of a property. Indeed, a well updated “health record” will provide the proof that the housing has been maintained in a good state. Thus, the device should support and give structure the renovation market, especially energy.

According to the law, when the housing is submit to the status of co-ownership, the book shall mention all the useful information for a proper used, for the maintenance and the progressive improvement of the housing and common parts’ energy performance.

What should contain the digital housing book?

Its specific contents will be known at the publication of the application decrees, whose are expected earlier for 2018. This book is actually on experimentation since December 2016. At this date, twelve winners projects have been designed by all the actors of the construction sector and the digital transition plan for the construction (PTNB). It is on the basis of the winners works and their feedback expected at the second trimester of 2017 that the decrees will be written. The regulation is thus entered into force before the content of the book was precisely known.

However, we already know that the book will contain all the technical diagnostics such as “electricity” and “asbestos”.

Who are the twelve winners involved in the experimentation phase?

The twelve members designated in December 2016 are :

Bazimo, Montpellier - Bazimo
VP&White, Neuilly sur Seine - Bureau Veritas
Costic, Saint Rémy les Chevreuses
Cozy.io, Puteaux - Cozy Cloud & EDF
Ereino, Hérouville-Saint-Clair
Intent Technologies, Lille
Energies demain, Paris
Mon Carnet Maison, Bordeaux
Novabuild, Nantes
PMB Sofware, Lutterbach
Qualitel, Paris
Vilogi, Paris  

Source : batiactu.com

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