5 reasons to trust a real estate agency to sell your property

You are thinking of selling your property and you are asking yourself if a real estate professional can help you. Thanks to the local market knowledge and regulations of the real estate agent, you can sale your property serenely especially at the best price and faster than if you took care of it on your own!

1) Having the right sales price estimation

When you are selling your house or your apartment in which you lived many years, it's not easy to give an objective value. You probably have difficulty not to think about your purchasing price (and therefore to the capital gain), to the renovation you have done, to the good times you have spent there...

A real estate agent will be able to estimate the real value of your property depending on its features, its condition and its location. The real estate agent has access to the last real sales price, but not only prices displayed in advertisements. With these information's, the real estate agent is in a position to provide a valuation as tightly as possible.

Naturally, the more your property price is high, the more the real estate agent will receive a high commission. But his aim is not to overestimate your property, because there will be a risk of slowing the sale and it won't offer the real estate agent any advantage.

2) Benefiting from professional's services

In order to entrust your property to only one real estate agent, you have to sign an exclusive sales mandate. You can also call on several real estate agents through a simple sales mandate, for all that increasing the number of protagonists do not increase the effectiveness of the sale.

A real estate agent has an expert knowledge of all the stages of a real estate transaction, and he is able to advise you at any moment. He is taking care of the property advertisement and the communication.

Home staging, professional pictures, virtual tours, works suggestions... henceforth a lot of real estate agencies offer these services for, in the end, a slender cost compared to the sale price.

3) Distributing your property advertisement extensively

Many buyers visit property advertisements on internet. On your own, you must post your property ads on some websites, but usually this is a tedious and expensive operation. Thanks to a real estate agency, your property advertisement will be posted on these websites, and also on other numerous websites dedicated to professionals; furthermore your property advertisement will be on the agency's website and window display and potentially printed on magazines or leaflets dedicated to real estate.

Besides, the real estate agency may works with a shared file system within its network or via the AMEPI file. For you, nothing is modified : you stay in touch with only one interlocutor but your advertisement is distributed by several agencies, so it will be seen by more potential buyers.

4) Managing contacts and future buyers

Selling its housing require to be available. If you do not want to handle calls and viewings of future buyers, it would be better to go through a real estate agency.By choosing a real estate professional, you will also spare yourself the negotiation, usually intricate. The real estate agent will act as an intermediary and will only convey the offers that will pleased you.

5) A secured transaction

In order to sale your property, you must give a lot of documentation and especially property surveys which are a mandatory. Adjusting the price or terms and conditions, checking mandatory field, observing a period of withdrawal, taking the best offer on... are intricates points. Being assist by a real estate agent is very reassuring, is a guarantee to follow the law on real estate transactions and allows not have unpleasant surprise thereafter.

Whatever the reason is to sell your property, it is usually an emotional moment which requires to be available and organized. Entrusting the sale of your property to a real estate agency will allow you to live serenely this important stage in your life.

Source: Bienci.com

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